The first trial edition of the UCA newsletter is launching at this special time of the year, in the holy month of Ramadan that will make this event an everlasting memory.

On this joyful occasion that is dear to our hearts, we are pleased to extend our warm wishes of celebration to the UCA family and to their families. We ask the Lord grant us the strength needed for fasting and obedience.

We thought of establishing a quarterly newsletter to achieve several important outcomes. The most necessary objective is strengthening our organizational communication by keeping our employees updated to the latest news, developments and managerial decisions.

That’s not all, we thrive to boost positivity and moral in our workplace to make it a more transparent and optimistic environment. Therefore, we value your contribution and encourage you to participate in our newsletter by sending your suggestions of news material to the editing team.

We hoped that our brief newsletter will reflect the managerial vision for the future mission of this company. Which is reflected by a comprehensive qualitative leap in the presented services to our valuable customers. And by focusing on several projects, such as developing the existing information technology system, improving current products and implementing new ones. Continuously improving the work atmosphere by transforming it into a proactive environment that helps improve productivity. Last but not least, focusing on the development of employee’s skills which is the heart of the company’s plan for change.

Huge thanks and deep appreciation to all those who contributed in making this project come to light. We hope that our first trial newsletter edition meets your expectations. We also look forward to your participation and valuable recommendations to thrive and achieve you satisfaction in our future editions.

Happy New Year UCA Family!