Customer Complaint

Customer Complaint Policy

Our Aim

We at UCA are committed to provide a quality service to our Customers and work in an open and accountable way that builds the trust and respect of all our stakeholders. One of the ways in which we can continue to improve our service is by listening and responding to the views of customers and in particular by responding positively to complaints.

Therefore we aim to ensure that:

  • Making a complaint is as easy as possible.
  • We treat a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction with our service which calls for an immediate response.
  • We deal with it Promptly, politely and confidentially.
  • We deal with all complaints in a fair and consistent manner.
  • We learn from complaints, use them to improve our service, and review periodically our complaints policy and procedures.
  • We respond in the right way with an explanation.

Our Commitment

UCA is committed to provide a high standard of client service and to maintain our reputation for honesty and integrity. We believe that complaint resolution is important, and it is incumbent upon us to respond to complaints promptly, accurately, and with the utmost courtesy. We will provide our clients with accessible means with which to communicate their complaint, and will employ our best efforts to respond and resolve where possible. All complaints and personal information collected will be handled in a timely, professional, and confidential manner.

If a complaint cannot be resolved immediately at the first point of contact, we will strive to acknowledge complaints and respond with our findings within ten business days.

Our Objectives

  • To address reported customer dissatisfaction quickly, courteously and effectively.
  • To ensure a fair and equitable resolution to any complaint.
  • To retain customer confidence and respect.
  • To demonstrate, promote and preserve the UCA values: “Integrity, Progressiveness Performance and Teamwork”.
  • We learn from complaints, use them to improve our service, and review periodically our complaints policy and procedures.
  • Where appropriate, to update our procedures to avoid any re-occurrence of the problems.
  • To endeavour to achieve a situation where our customer feels we have properly addressed the complaint.

Responsibility for Action

The company has nominated a Complaint Officer to take responsibility for ensuring compliance with the arrangements and to ensure that action is taken in light of the outcome of any complaint investigation.

How to Raise a Complaint?

  • Call:
    9200 33 222
  • Fax:
    +966 12 606 8623
  • Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 5019, Jeddah 21422,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Email:
    [email protected]
  • Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire:
    Available in all UCA Offices
  • WebSite:

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