Company Profile

United Cooperative Assurance (UCA) a cooperative insurance company listed on Tadawul since May 2008 with a paid up capital of SAR 400 Million. The company started underwriting insurance business on 1st January, 2009.

Since its foundation, UCA has appointed experienced staff with high technical capabilities to fulfill the immediate and future needs of their clients and having constantly anticipated the daily demand of new insurance coverage and making them available.

The geographical spread of the offices allows UCA to provide close personal attention to clients’ requirements. Each branch is independent, self contained and involved in all types of insurance to meet and protect clients’ interest. The same techniques and expertise are applicable no matter the client’s business volume.

Currently, after extensive period of practice and familiarity in the Saudi market, UCA still repeats the same story of success day after day presenting the same high standards of quality, service and integrity. UCA positions itself as one of the insurance industry leaders in the kingdom.

Our Values

The core value for UCA’s success is measured upon a considerable number of clients selecting us for their belief in our ability to meet their expectations in terms of Price, Quality Service and Specialized Expertise. We aim for product and service excellence at all times.

Our fundamental values are offering environment with equal opportunities to our employees for further professional and personal growth. We believe in our work force, and we are inspired to work as a team towards the accomplishment of our goals.

Our essential value is conducting our business according to the highest norms of ethical standards, competence and integrity where we remain stable and reliable to perform to the best of our knowledge, skills and abilities amidst the challenges that constantly face us.

Our basic value is commitment which is a vital key to establish relationships with clients that we care for. We pride ourselves in keeping our workforce and clients well informed about relevant information through efficient communication and information systems that exceed the standard services.

Who We Are

Our Mission

To increase awareness and develop an understanding of the cooperative insurance culture in the kingdom and most importantly to build a successful partnership with clients, staff members and agents.

Our Vision

To be the most preferential local insurance company for its excellence in customer care, long term partnership with intermediaries and highly professional way of conducting business.

UCA Managment

The Board of Directors

Senior Management

Branch Managers

Main Shareholders

1- U.C.A. Insurance Company0%

Corporate Governance

Openness and transparency are Two (2) major principles for the adaptation of the best governance practices. As a matter of fact, most of what is considered to be a descent character of company’s governance, is directly extracted from openness enhancing prevailing practices with optimum levels of transparency.

In order to achieve the required efficiency, it is essential to adopt the best principles of governance on all aspects of the Company activities. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt those principles pertinent to governance. The Board and Company management should also emphasize the importance of such principles. This is deemed to be necessary if the Company activities have to be motivated to accept proper principles of governance and their best practices.

This section aims at introducing the governance policies adopted in the Company and provide all parties having interest in the Company, with a real & fair vision on the best practices of governance by the Company management. Potential beneficiaries include all those who have interests in the Company including shareholders, clients and staff.

Governance Regulation